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by Gail Helmer

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Tuesday, May 22, 2001

Jane's News Briefs

Jane's Defence Weekly
NORAD eyes high-altitude airships for surveillance The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) is interested in a fleet of high-altitude airships for continuous, wide-area surveillance of the North American periphery and advanced warning of approaching cruise missiles and other low-altitude aerial threats.

SAAF outlines future development plans
Chief of the South African Air Force (SAAF) Lt Gen Roelf Beukes has revealed his future plans for the service, with the planned procurement of the Saab/BAE Systems Gripen multirole fighter, the BAE Systems Hawk 100 lead-in fighter trainer and the Agusta A-109 light helicopter forming the nucleus of the South Africa's projected air superiority.

France ranked as second-largest exporter
France ranked second only to the USA as the world's leading exporter of defence equipment in the 1990s and almost 40% of French exports went to just three Persian Gulf nations, according to figures released by the French Ministry of Defence.

Singapore takes delivery of ATTCs
Singapore Technologies Kinetics has delivered the first of an undisclosed number of its new articulated armoured All-Terrain Tracked Carrier (ATTC) vehicles to the Singapore Armed Forces.

Singapore seeks help to counter piracy
Singapore's Minister of State for Defence David Lim has called for greater international co-operation to crack down on spiralling levels of piracy and other maritime crime in the Asia-Pacific region.

Indian exercise evaluates NBC strike procedures
India last week concluded its largest military exercise in 13 years along its border with Pakistan, which for the first time factored in an enemy nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) strike.

Bulgaria detains Ukrainian aircraft's cargo of weapons
Bulgarian authorities detained a Ukrainian-registered cargo aircraft loaded with weapons on 26 April as it made a refuelling stop in the Black Sea city of Burgas on suspicion of weapons smuggling, said Gen Atanas Atanasov, the director of civilian counter-intelligence for Bulgaria's National Security Service.

Russian companies to negotiate service contracts
Russia's major arms makers are expected to soon receive the authority to establish service and maintenance contracts for weapon systems, an area that is currently under the purview of the state-monopoly arms exporter, Rosoboronexport.

Rand to advise on future RN procurement policy
The UK Defence Procurement Agency has commissioned consulting firm Rand Europe to examine the implications of alternative procurement strategies for future Royal Navy warships.

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