NVIDIA Responds to Major Shortages of GeForce RTX 3080 Founders Edition Graphics Cards

nvidia-logoBy Hilbert Hagedoorn @ Guru3D

It’s obvious that an RTX 3080 will be hard to get. The founder edition however was out of stock the second it went life yesterday. That raised some questions.

The 3080 was made available to consumers yesterday, but it appears to be nowhere in stock as it ran dry way too fast, and that as always will drive up prices in the entire channel for AIB cards as well. NVIDIA has shared a word or two about this ordeal. NVIDIA apologizes to customers. The demand is roaring, yesterday at places like US-based Microcenter you might have seen 100 people in one line to get a card (see video below). E-tailer websites yesterday even went offline. NVIDIA had 50 major retailers worldwide supplied (which does not sound like a lot?). All of them had stock at launch.

An employee of Microcenter in Tustin, USA, stated on Reddit that the store only had 85 cards in stock. Nvidia’s own site also struggled, which was flooded with buy orders and crashed as well. Another side effect has been that bots and speculative pa[rties tried to order, so NVIDIA now is taking orders manually. NVIDIA commented that its new cards are at an “excellent” production level, which gives some hope to those who did not get to buy one. Yesterday we launched the first reviews of the RTX 3080 (which if you have not seen yet, we recommend that you do so) and is that taking into account the performance offered by this graphics card and its launch price. This does not bode well, as we expect the GeForce RTX 3070 launch is going to ruffle feathers even worse.