Month: January 2020

amd-radeon-rx-5600-xtThe Radeon RX 5600 XT is a third Navi-10 desktop model in RX 5000 lineup . This card features 2304 Stream Processors, so just as many as RX 5700 non-XT. This is undoubtedly, a very interesting decision by AMD, especially considering the price.

AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT features 6GB of GDDR6 memory across a 192-bit interface. The official specs put 12 Gbps memory cap on the cards, but board partners can now boost that number to 14 Gbps. This increases the bandwidth from 288 Gb/s to 336 Gb/s,

The RX 5600 XT has a game clock of 1375 MHz. The official boost clock is 1560 MHz, but again, AIB cards will go up to 1750 MHz, depending on a cooling solution and pre-configured graphics power. The TBP for 5600XT is officially 150W but there are models going up to 180W (Gigabyte Gaming OC).

The RX 5600 XT is available starting from today (January 21st) for 279 USD but of course, custom models will cost slightly more (Thanks Videocardz).

The hardware review embargo has been lifted on the Radeon RX 5600 XT,  so a number of reviews are now available, reviewing cards from AMD’s add-in board partners.  We have gathered up some of these reviews, which you can check out via the links below.

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nvidia-geforce-logoSource: TechPowerUp!

NVIDIA late Thursday released the GeForce 442.01 Hotfix driver. A hotfix driver is that which is pushed out to correct glaring bugs with the driver immediately, and tend to have much shorter change-logs than beta or WHQL releases. The driver fixes a bug with “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” streaming using StreamLabs OBS randomly stopping. Also fixed is a bug with “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine,” where a game-crash is observed in a specific cutscene. Lastly a minor stutter in SLI machines with G-Sync enabled has been fixed. The driver is otherwise identical to GeForce 441.87.

You can download the GeForce 442.01 Hotfix drivers via

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Ships deploy into World of Warships early access with new British Cruisers event bringing new Directives, British Tokens and Random Bundles 

The mighty Royal Navy has expanded in World of Warships today with the deployment of a new series of British heavy cruisers. The new ships come as part of a new British Cruisers event, introducing British Tokens, new Directives and Random Bundles, which is going live with today’s update 0.9.0.

Wargaming will also be celebrating the upcoming Lunar New Year with exciting new content, including new Pan-Asian ships, as well as rolling out a new season of Clan battles season in the later stages of the update cycle.

A new World of Warships update video can be viewed HERE.

The new British Cruisers event allows players to unlock four new heavy cruisers in Tiers V-VIII by spending British Tokens, a new temporary resource, to obtain random bundles in the Armory. The new ships are the Hawkins (Tier V), Devonshire (Tier VI), Surrey (Tier VII), Albemarle (Tier VIII) and come equipped with the regal Victorian White permanent camouflage.

The new British heavy cruisers come with a considerable amount of firepower which they utilize best at medium ranges. Also equipped with torpedoes, the cruisers’ survivability is considerable thanks to its strong armor distribution and effective Repair party. The British tokens may be obtained from Daily shipments or for completing Daily Missions and the four new Directives.

The second part of update 0.9.0 will bring Lunar New Year celebration to World of Warships with a theme from the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West. In celebration, three new Pan-Asian ships will be making their debut bringing with them unique commanders, flags, patches and permanent camouflages.

A select number of ships have been upgraded to premium status, allowing them to earn more credits for their owners once unlocked. These are the ARP Kongo, ARP Kirishima, ARP Haruna, ARP Hiei, ARP Myoko, ARP Nachi, ARP Ashigara, ARP Haguro and ARP Takao, as well as Southern Dragon and Eastern Dragon. Lastly, a new season of Clan battles will be introduced letting players take part in 7v7 battles on Tier X ships for the chance to win steel and other rewards.

Visit the official World of Warships website now for more game info and to sign up for World of Warships for free!

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call-of-duty-modern-warfareSource: Blue’s News

Infinity Ward announces that Season One for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is being extended until February 11th:

Over the next few weeks, a host of new items and challenges will arrive, including an in-game Challenge to earn the new Crossbow weapon, more remixed game modes, new playlists, and more in the Store to discover. To make room for all that activity, we are making a one-time extension of Season One – it’s now ending on February 11. During that time, there will be 2XP, 2X Weapon XP, and 2X Tier Progression to help you finish up your Officer Ranks and Tiers, and get you ready for an exciting Season Two.

arctic-liquid-freezer-ii-280-liquid-coolerBy Krzysztof Hukalowicz @ Guru3D

Today, we are reviewing an AIO cooler from Arctic: the LIQUID FREEZER II 280. The series has been introduced on the 9th of December this year. Arctic is no “newbie” in the AIO segment of the market. It’s already been four years since they announced the Liquid Freezer I series. This time around, there’s no RGB either, and the system is still not expandable (similarly to most of the solutions on the market today), unlike the Alphacool Eisbaer 280 Extreme or Swiftech H240 X3 that we reviewed this year.

Read the Review Here

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amd-radeon-software-adrenalin-2020Source: TechPowerUp!

AMD has released the latest version of Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition. Version 20.1.2 beta is released to the main driver update channel, and adds support for the new Vulkan 1.2 graphics API. This is in comparison to the GeForce 441.99 drivers with Vulkan 1.2, which were released as a “developer beta.” In addition, the drivers add optimization for “Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.” Among the two fixed issues with this releases are Unreal Engine 4 titles such as “KovaaK 2.0: The Meta,” “Tetris Effect” and “Snooker 19″ failing to launch with Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020; and a bug where single-display systems running Radeon RX 5700 series graphics cards experience intermittent reboots when the system is left idle on the desktop.

The new Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.1.2 drivers are available online at the AMD driver download page.

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By Ian Boudreau @ Wargamer

Just before the holiday break, Bohemia Interactive dropped a bit of a bombshell on us: they were putting the beta version of the upcoming Old Man scenario for Arma 3 on the Steam Workshop for anyone to try out. Admittedly, I had not been paying a lot of attention to the latest in Arma news since Contact came out in the summer, so Old Man came as a complete surprise. And it’s continued to surprise me as I’ve played this huge scenario.

Old Man is a singleplayer scenario set on Tanoa, a fictional South Pacific island included with the Apex expansion. It pulls in elements of many of Arma 3′s other DLCs, but it’s doing something completely novel for an Arma 3 add-on. It feels somewhat surreal to say this, but some skunkworks project at Bohemia is creating the Arma 3 version of Far Cry, and it’s going to be free for all players (as long as you own Apex, that is).

Read on…

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zombie-army-4-dead-warThe shambling monstrosities at Rebellion have released a blood-curdling 101 Trailer for Zombie Army 4: Dead War, featuring over six minutes of brand new footage from the upcoming alternate history co-op shooter.

The 101 Trailer features tons of new reveals including never-before-seen enemies, special abilities, weapons, levels and locations, as well as the bigger and more challenging Horde Mode. It’s the perfect introduction to the undead-slaying madness of Zombie Army 4.

The trailer details the brand new story campaign for 1-4 players coming to Zombie Army 4, taking players to 1946 Italy and beyond. Despite the defeat of the undead Führer, his reanimated hordes continue to wreak havoc across Europe, and a sinister plan is lurking in the darkness…

The 101 Trailer also provides the lowdown on the game’s terrifying array of twisted enemies, deep player progression and customization systems, the enhanced X-Ray Kill Cam (now featuring dismemberment!) and more.

Zombie Army 4 launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC on February 4th.

More information and screenshots are available on the official Zombie Army 4: Dead War website.

panzer-corps-2This is the announcement you were all waiting for. Join us on Twitch on Monday January 20 for the announcement of the release date of Panzer Corps 2.

Shards, producer for the game, will be live in studio and showcase all the innovations in Panzer Corps 2, as well as answer all your questions. Live on Monday January 20 at 5 pm GMT on our Twitch channel.

Then, following our stream, at 6 pm GMT the strategy youtuber Pixelated Apollo will be streaming the single player campaign of Panzer Corps 2 for the first time ever. We will host him on our own channel, so you can just stay once our stream is over and watch a full scenario of Panzer Corps 2 in action.