Battlefield 5 Reveal Date Potentially Found in Battlefield 1 Easter Egg

battlefield-5Source: VideoGamer

Intrepid Battlefield 1 players appear to have discovered the reveal date for Battlefield 5 via a new Easter egg in buried in the depths of 2016′s acclaimed World War I shooter.

The Room, as it’s called, is a pretty complicated affair though rewards gamers with a special dogtag featuring morse code that spells ‘Secrets Revealed.’ However, it goes just beyond that. Once the tag is unlocked, it’ll cue a special music track, as well as a barely-discernible sound of dripping water coming from the hidden room.

This isn’t just any odd dripping water coming from a leaky tap though; it’s rhythmic, and later discovered to be morse code. When translated, fans discovered it points to this website.

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