Review: Arma 3: Tac-Ops Mission Pack DLC

By Ian Boudreau @ The Wargamer

Shoot, move, and communicate. I learned about this basic dictum of infantry tactics during a sweltering hot September at Fort Benning, Georgia, many years ago during basic combat training. And it’s a central tenet of ArmA 3, a game (mostly) about infantry movement in large-scale combined arms warfare.

ArmA 3 has a new piece of DLC out, the Tac-Ops Mission Pack, which adds three new micro-campaigns to the game’s single-player experience. These operations—Beyond Hope, Stepping Stone, and Steel Pegasus—span seven individual missions spread across the islands of Altis, Stratis, and Malden. While they’re mostly large-scale affairs, you’ll usually be leading a small squad of either infantry or special forces to take out mortar crews or secure villages, the kind of bread-and-butter missions ArmA was built for.

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