Rainbow Six: Siege Operation White Noise Announced, Set in South Korea

rainbowsix-siege-logoUbiBlog has announced Rainbow Six: Siege, Operation White Noise, a new DLC pack for Rainbow Six: Siege set in South Korea. Rainbow Six: Siege’s second year of expansions will soon enter its fourth season with the arrival of Operation White Noise, which features a vertigo-inducing new map set in an observation tower above Seoul’s skyline, and three new Operators. Operation White Noise will be the final content drop before Rainbow Six: Siege enters Year 3.

Also joining the fray are two as-yet-unrevealed members of South Korea’s 707th Special Mission Battalion, an attacker and a defender described as “stubborn and daring” and “methodical and tenacious,” respectively. Also joining the roster is a new Operator from Poland’s GROM, completing the set that began with Ela’s arrival in Operation Blood Orchid. More updates are coming soon; in the meantime, be sure to catch the Rainbow Six Pro League finals in Sao Paulo from November 18-19 at twitch.tv/rainbow6.

Rainbow Six: Siege is available now on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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