Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China “Rocket Match/Gobi” Update Released

flying-tigers-shadows-over-china-logoIndependent air-combat action game developer Ace Maddox is pleased to announce that its latest Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China Steam update has gone live. New features include ROCKET MATCH, a fresh multiplayer mode that lets 2-16 players go head-to-head over the Chinese-Mongolian Gobi desert in a variety of fighter-jets, including the American P-80A “Shooting Star” and the Japanese Ki-201 “Fire Dragon” (Me-262a). Check out the narrated YouTube video for details.

Update History/Changelog:

  • ROCKET MATCH multiplayer mode. This new mode lets 2-16 players fly head-to-head in rocket-equipped fighter planes. Aircraft include the P-80A “Shooting Star”, the P-38L Lightning, the Ki-201 “Fire Dragon”, the Mizuno II “Divine Dragon”, the I-16 Polikarpov and the P-51D Mustang.
  • Campaign VO. Recorded and implemented complete American & British voice over dialogue for East of Martaban campaign mission.
  • New fighter-jets (with cockpits). Added the USAAF P-80A “Shooting Star” with cockpit and four skins. Japanese Ki-201 “Fire Dragon” with cockpit (and four skins) also implemented. Finally, Japan’s unusual/experimental Mizuno Shinryu II “Divine Dragon” made available too, also with four skins.
  • Retrofitted Vildebeest cockpit. The RAF bi-plane torpedo fighter Vickers Vildebeest Mk. III finally has a (semi-open) cockpit view.
  • Field of View. Added and adjusted FoV (Field of View) for gameplay and cockpit cameras for improved visibility. Use (default) C / V keys to cycle back and forth to set/try the improved WIDE cameras.
  • BRIGHTNESS option. Not entirely unlike GAMMA control, the new brightness option lets players adjust screen visibility (via DISPLAY SETTINGS).
  • ENEMY CROSSHAIR option. Let’s you adjust the size of the red sub-crosshair to improve enemy target visibility (via HUD settings).

Get more information about the game at the official Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China website.