Order of Battle: Blitzkrieg Announced

order-of-battle-blitzkriegThe hit Order of Battle: World War II will be expanded with a new campaign DLC focused on the first blitzkrieg wars of Germany in the Second World War, and a free major update!

Order of Battle: Blitzkrieg

On 1 September 1939, under the pretext of reclaiming the city of Danzig, German armed forces invade Poland. Honoring their diplomatic treaties and driven by the desire to maintain the balance of power in Europe, France and Great Britain swiftly declare war on Germany. This chain of events sets in motion the greatest war the world has ever seen: a Second World War…

Order of Battle: Blitzkrieg brings you to those frantic years which saw Germany successfully incorporating modern aircraft and tank technology in their military doctrine, and then unleashing their newly rebuilt war machine on the rest of Europe. This new DLC aims at representing those years and those brilliant campaigns, from the invasion of Poland to the Fall of 1941 and the Wehrmacht advance being halted only by the cold bite of Russian winter.

It brings several new nations, tons of new units and 12 new scenarios! Pure, unadultered, 100% Blitzkrieg gameplay.

Get more information on the product page.

Important: the game is entering its beta testing phase; we need your help to quash bugs and we want to hear your feedback, so please feel free to apply here. It’d be of great help!

A new major update for Order of Battle: World War II

The Blitzkrieg DLC will be accompanied by a big free update to the base game! What does it add?

Well, along with many balance changes and bugfixes, a brand new Specialization System is being added to the game! Complete major and minor objectives during scenarios and earn Specialization points, then spend them in the Specialization tree and completely customize your army as you see fit.

It’s not all. We’re adding a new Import Tool to carry over your core army between campaigns! Play through Morning Sun, then carry over your troops to Rising Sun! Or maybe play through the entirety of the Blitzkrieg campaign, and then use your battle hardened regiments in future-yet-to-be-announced campaigns ;) I’m probably speaking too much here.