Arma 3 Apex Review

By Fraser Brown @ The Wargamer

ArmA 3 is a gargantuan toybox for military connoisseurs, as much a platform for the creation of diverse scenarios – from survival sandboxes to duelling tanks – as a game itself. ArmA 3: Apex, then, is a new compartment in that toybox. Slide out the drawer and you’ll be able to pick up and play with VTOLs, AK-12 assault rifles, Prowler light strike vehicles and sexy night vision goggles.

But it’s more than just these new toys, however. If you’ve grown tired of the idyllic but sometimes war-torn fictional Greek archipelago created for the core game, then good news! There’s a whole new set of islands to explore in the stunning South Pacific locale of Tanoa. Bid farewell to the gentle rolling hills and seemingly infinite fields of Altis and Stratis, and prepare to spend a lot of time in the humid jungle and striking beaches of your new home.

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