Scythe Fuma CPU Cooler Review

scythe-fuma-cpu-coolerBy Ron Perillo @ Modders Inc.

Heatsink designs are driven by the fundamental principle that a larger surface area equates to better heat dissipation than a smaller area. Factoring in componential consent, modern aftermarket CPU tower heatsinks had to get creative to compensate and dial-in the efficiency needed, hence the rise of dual-tower cooler designs. By isolating the two ends of the heatpipe set into two separate fin arrays, the active cooling fan can cool faster due to the smaller area. Dual-tower design also results in better performance with two fans since it is pushing cool air into relatively the same fin array size rather than relegating one of the fans to simply pulling hot air. This dual-tower design is utilized in one of Scythe’s latest tower cooling solution called the Fuma.

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