Month: May 2016

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syrian-warfare-logoDeveloper Cats Who Play have revealed  a new single-player RTS project, Syrian Warfare. You can vote for Syrian Warfare on the games Steam Greenlight page. Steam Greenlight is a system that enlists the community’s help in picking some of the new games to be released on Steam. Syrian Warfare is projected to be released Autumn 2016. Here’s some game info:

Our planet has seen to many wars, and that’s a sensitive subject for all of us. That’s the way the world wags, and every day we see consequences of numerous conflicts taking place in faraway lands. We see them in the news, we see them in the refugees at our borders.

This war has been going on for a long time, and it’s hard to say when it will be over. We got so used to it that news from Syria has become trivial. We’ve even already forgotten how it all started, and where the roots of the terrible terror lie – the terror that swept across Europe in recent years.

Syria is all over the news, and it’s become a subject of many documentaries. We, however, want to show the story through the lens of the game, and don’t let the word “game” mislead you. This game does not claim to be a history lesson, but it shows the course of the war in all its seriousness through the major milestones, from the first days till the latest important victories over terror.

Syrian Warfare is:

  • Real Time Strategy game with a high degree of realism.
  • Detailed simulation of modern weapon systems.
  • Close to reality tactical actions of different types of troops.
  • Game based on a true story.
  • Realistic graphics.

It’s is not a cheap actioner, but rather a game claiming to look and feel like a non-fiction doc. Following the game progress will bring you to better and clearer understanding of the hornet’s nest that has been stirred up in the Middle East. Understanding of how it all started and how all sides of the conflict tend to act now. We do understand the seriousness of the subject and we are not afraid to take on it.

Watch the official announcement trailer and view some screenshots on the official Syrian Warfare webpage.


fallout4-logoSteam News has announced that the new DLC Fallout 4 Far Harbor is now available. To celebrate the release, Bethesda is offering Fallout 4 at 33% off until May 23rd at 10AM Pacific Time.

Here’s a bit about the new DLC:

A new case from Valentine’s Detective Agency leads you on a search for a young woman and a secret colony of synths. Travel off the coast of Maine to the mysterious island of Far Harbor, where higher levels of radiation have created a more feral world. Navigate through the growing conflict between the synths, the Children of Atom, and the local townspeople. Will you work towards bringing peace to Far Harbor, and at what cost? Far Harbor features the largest landmass for an add-on that we’ve ever created, filled with new faction quests, settlements, lethal creatures and dungeons. Become more powerful with new, higher-level armor and weapons. The choices are all yours.

For more information about Fallout 4 Far Harbor, visit the official Fallout 4 website.

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fallout4-logoMutants are weak vs. harpoon cannons

Source: PCGamer

Fallout 4′s Far Harbor expansion adds a large new zone set in post-apocalyptic Maine. You’re on a mission from Valentine’s Detective Agency to find a missing person, but Far Harbor’s old fishing villages have become flashpoints in a faction war, and the swamps have become breeding grounds for some ugly new creatures.

It looks a lot like a more detailed take on Fallout 3′s Maryland-set Point Lookout DLC, though that didn’t feature a giant harpoon cannon or a suit of military armour that makes you look like a mud-spattered Master Chief.

Get an exclusive look into the making of Fallout 4’s Far Harbor from Bethesda Game Studios here.

Far Harbor is out tomorrow, Thursday May 19.


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tom-clancys-the-divisionSource: UbiBlog

The Division team has released the first details on the free Conflict update – the second of two free updates for The Division – which arrives May 24 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. One of its biggest additions is Clear Sky, a brand new Incursion in Columbus Circle. Pitting Division Agents against Rikers, Clear Sky challenges you to take back a formerly LMB-controlled anti-air missile site, restore safe passage to the skies over Manhattan, and reclaim supply drops stolen by Rikers.

Another new feature coming in the Conflict update is high-value targets (HVT). The HVT officer inside your base of operations will provide you with a list of these targets, along with a description, their level, and the recommended gear score you need to engage them. You’ll have a limited amount of time and only one chance to take down these targets.

The Dark Zone will see some changes that are going to make extractions even more intense than they were before. Specifically, Agents will now have the option to hijack your loot. This means that a player can run to an extraction rope and cut it, causing all of the loot to fall to the ground.

Click here to view the Update 1.2: Conflict trailer.

Source: Blue’s News

The Battlefield website announces that for the next week all Battlefield 4 owners are entitled to download a free copy of the Final Stand DLC for Battlefield 4. They offer all the details on what the pack includes, and the following explanation:

“From May 17 to May 24, you can download Battlefield 4 Final Stand for free*, from Origin (PC), PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live. In Battlefield 4 Final Stand, you can move the fight into the grand Russian wintry landscape. Make sure you get it quick, though – the future waits for no one, and after May 24, this giveaway will be a thing of the past.”

blue-angels-aerobatic-simTake the role of one of the pilots of the US NAVY aerobatic team

RORTOS, the Italian leader in the development of flight simulators for mobile devices, announces the new flight simulator “Blue Angels: Aerobatic Sim” available soon for Android and iOS (followed later by the PC and XBOX versions), which will allow all users, even the most inexperienced ones, to test themselves in the famous acrobatics of the prestigious American aerobatic team.

“We are completing the development of a flight simulator dedicated to aerobatics and aerobatic demonstration squadron flying”, commented Roberto Simonetto, RORTOS’ CEO . “We are grateful for the pilots and the whole team of the US Navy Blue Angels who provided an accuracy verification that allowed us to create an exciting simulator for a unique and engaging gaming experience.”

The first screenshots are available to view here. (Source: Worthplaying)

The game has been officially licensed by the US NAVY and designed for all the fans of flight, acrobatics and flight demonstrations.

The main features are:

  • Reproduction of all official manoeuvers of the US Navy Blue Angels
  • Flight as a soloist and in demonstration formation.
  • Accurate reproduction of airshows’ locations
  • Additive Mode to invent your own acrobatic figure
  • Airshow Mode to arrange your own airshow on your favorite location

With more than 55 million users around the world, thanks to products such as Carrier Landings, Extreme Landings, AirFighter, Helicopter Sim, Historical Landings, Battleship Destroyer, F18 Carrier Landing and Air Navy Fighters, RORTOS is ready to launch, during the year, new simulators, with important and prestigious collaborations.

RORTOS is based in Verona and consists of an all-Italian team. Born in 2012 it carries forward its mission with enthusiasm and quality: spreading the passion for flight through an experience that is accessible to everyone.

Current RORTOS simulators are developed for iOS, Android, Mac, PC platforms and can be downloaded from Apple Store, Google Play, Windows Store and Amazon App Store.

amd-radeon-crimson-softwareSource: TechPowerUp!

AMD today released its third Radeon Software Crimson Edition update for this month. Version provides a massive 35 percent performance increase for Radeon R9 390 series graphics cards (R9 390, R9 390X) on “Doom” (2016), compared to version 16.5.2, released earlier this month. The change-log does not mention whether this is also applicable to the nearly identical Radeon R9 290 series (R9 290, R9 290X, and R9 295X2). Not much else has changed, which explains the version numbering.

You can download the Radeon Software Crimson Edition version drivers here.

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newhardware-iconCheck out these latest hardware announcements for today from around the web. Also included are some hardware news bits, and on some days, a few rumors tossed in for good measure. Click on the links below to read the official press release, visit the products web page, or to an independent news source.

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New Trailer Shows Soviet Stand Against Fascist Aggression

Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio today announced the start of the pre-order for Hearts of Iron IV, the latest grand strategy game about one of the worlds most destructive conflicts. World War II is at your fingertips as you guide your nation, plan your research, build you forces and design sweeping battle plans that will put the world at your feet.

To illustrate the alternate history possibilities of Hearts of Iron IV, Paradox has released a trailer that posits a Japanese attack on a heretofore triumphant Soviet Union. Watch it here.

If you are among those prepared to heed the call of war, eager generals can sign on today. There are three game editions available for Hearts of Iron IV:

  • The Cadet edition is a standard Hearts of Iron IV release, but a pre-order will come with a new icon for the official Paradox forums and a new wallpaper.
  • The Colonel edition includes everything the Cadet version does, and also one extra icon and a special Tank Pack to add variety to the vehicles running through your enemy lines.
  • The Field Marshal edition includes everything from the lower ranked versions as well as an exclusive forum avatar and an expansion pass that will include the first two Expansion DLC packs for Hearts of Iron IV, whenever they are released.

Every pre-order comes with additional rewards no matter which version you choose to buy:

  • German March Order – music pack, composed by Andreas Waldetoft.
  • Allied Radio – music pack, composed by Tobias Gustafsson.
  • Hearts of Iron: War Stories Gamebook – a branching interactive narrative where the player’s choices matter. War Stories is written by Aaron Rosenburg and features a young British RAF pilot during the Battle of Britain.

In addition everyone who purchases Hearts of Iron IV will receive a free DLC, the Poland: United and Ready National Focus Pack. This DLC gives Poland a unique national focus tree , several 3D vehicle models, 2D art and additional leader portraits, fleshing out the experience of playing as the nation. The Poland: United and Ready DLC will be available for all players, no matter when they choose to purchase a copy of Hearts of Iron IV.

Hearts of Iron IV is the latest version of one of Paradox Development Studio’s most popular series. Take control of any nation in the world and guide it through humanity’s most trying hours. With a new and improved battleplan system, you will be able to direct sweeping movements of troops through steppes, deserts and jungles. Area and mission based systems take the micromanagement out of naval and air combat.

For prices in your region, please check the Paradox Store or your preferred digital retailer. For more information please visit the Hearts of Iron IV website.