Armored Warfare Panzerfest Begins

Join in on Amazing Events And Earn Free Tanks

Developer Obsidian Entertainment and global publisher invite players to join the festivities in Armored Warfare. Running from April 6 – 30 Panzerfest will introduce events and gifts for current and aspiring tank Commanders alike. Panzerfest is the festival name for three separately named activities running during April:

  • Brand-new tank commanders, who enlist during this period, will receive a free Leopard 1 tank and premium time upon entering the game.
  • Existing and new players can earn 1 million credits, premium time, and the Leopard 2AV ICE edition for successfully playing the game.
  • Join your favorite German faction and earn rewards by helping your selected faction to victory!

Watch the the Panzerfest video here.

Visit the Panzerfest event page for more information.

You can download the game for free and get more information at the official Armored Warfare website.