Assault the Pit in Armored Warfare

New Details About Upcoming Map Along With Results From The Mercenary Showdown

Developer Obsidian Entertainment and global publisher announce today more information about the update 0.14 coming this month. Highwall, a strip mine, is the newest map available for tank commanders to square off on in PvP. This new map will allow for players to take strategic positions to destroy enemy vehicles from above, before swooping down winding paths to assault the pits and achieve team victory!

Check out the latest Armored Warfare video here.

Watch the Armored Warfare video here.

Highwall spans 1200 x 1200 meters in size and takes place completely within an industrial strip mine. Machinery and heavy equipment dot the landscape, precariously perched at the edge of open quarries in order to harvest rich gold veins, manganese, and uranium ore deposits. The routes presented in Highwall often have diverging paths – opening up key opportunities for players to flank their enemies and overrun a route from several directions.

Additional features coming with update 0.14:

  • Replaying a recording of a match will allow players to view everything from the perspective of the replay creator. Players can pause, play, or stop their recording, as well as increase or decrease the speed at which they want the match to replay. Additionally, players can spectate specific vehicles or seamlessly switch into a free-cam observer mode.
  • Operations Frostbite, Albatross, and Cerberus will pose new threats for players teaming up in Armored Warfare’s co-operative gameplay mode.
  • Based upon player feedback, a number of unpopular elements of high-tier gameplay will be addressed. Details will be fully disclosed at the launch of update 0.14.

You can download the game for free and get more information at the official Armored Warfare website.