Napoleon Invades England! ‘What If’ Scenario in Wars of Napoleon!

wars-of-napoleonRewrite history to change the outcome of one of the most famous military operations attempted in the modern era. Succeed where most leaders and dictators have failed in the past.

Conquer the United Kingdom and to put an end to the British Empire!

Wars of Napoleon succeeds where others have failed. It puts a wealth of What If scenarios in the hands of the players, with an unprecedented level of detail and accuracy.

To show off one of these scenarios, Slitherine asked the help of Iain Dickie, Chairman of the Battlefield Trust.

In a wonderfully scripted video, Dickie leads players on a journey through one the most intriguing what if scenarios that history has known: the planned – but never fulfilled – French invasion of Great Britain. This huge operation was to employ Napoleon’s mighty Army of England composed of over 200,000 soldiers.

Check out the video here.

Get more information on Wars of Napoleon from its official product page.