Wars of Napoleon Released

wars-of-napoleonThe seeds of the French Revolution have borne fruit and now turmoil is spreading out over all of Europe. The growing power of the French Republic is threatening the old monarchies and already two Coalitions have been raised to crush the Revolutionary Armies.

But something has changed. A new leader has emerged from the chaos of the Directoire, a man that will shortly become the scourge of every European kingdom. He will shatter the Old Continent to its foundations.

A new period of war has begun…

Watch the launch trailer here.

The ultimate wargame set during the Napoleonic Era has been finally released! Developed by the veteran strategy studio, Ageod, Wars of Napoleon is a title about grand strategy and bold diplomatic choices.

You will have to carefully handle your armies: managing their equipment and assigning historical generals to lead while you take care of a complex and realistic logistic system. Fight on land and on the seas, in a detailed map with over 4,000 regions as well asspecial areas like the West Indies, North America, Persia and India!

Create powerful alliances to counter your enemy, draft your population, use smugglers, develop your territories; all using a very in-depth diplomacy system, with casus-belli, coalitions, defensive treaties, passage rights and more!

Five beautiful scenarios are available to relive the entire course of the conflicts from 1805 to 1815, plus five more What If scenarios perfectly designed to reproduce alternative geopolitical situations for a more challenging experience!

This is a title that every wargamer simply must have in their collection!

Get more game information at the official Wars of Napoleon website.