Armored Warfare Public Stress Test Weekend

Source: Blue’s News

Publisher and developer Obsidian Entertainment announce this weekend will be a stress test of Armored Warfare that will be open to all interested in checking out the upcoming mechanized combat game. They are updating the game to version 0.9 with a new PvP map, new PvE missions, and more, all of which are detailed in this update. The free period runs from September 24-25, and you can head over to the Armored Warfare website on the 23rd to download the game client. Here’s word:

Stress Testing is the final test phase before the Open Beta launch. Its aim is to provide the developers with feedback regarding the stability of the server system and its ability to handle a large amount of players. In order to obtain these results, the game needs as many players as possible playing at the same time.

Stress Testing will test the abilities and capacity of the server clusters, pushing them to their limits in order to accomplish the goals of the test round. Under these circumstances, players should expect the following issues: server queues, occasional latency spikes, and reduced server stability.

In addition, purchasing gold will not be possible during the Stress Test phase. Progress will however carry over from the Early Access phase for players who previously participated in the Early Access test.